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Front Yard Hillside Native Pollinator Garden | Hastings, NY

This property is now a focal point of the neighborhood, both visually and as a manifestation of community values. As a corner lot, the front yard is highly visible, and its transformation into a completely organic, (mostly) native pollinator garden had all the neighbors taking notice!

Natural, native curb appeal on this hillside pollinator garden in Hastings, NY.

This project is #1: Wonderful World, Beautiful Bequest.  GJL’s Top Landscape Design Projects of 2020. 

Landscape Design Concept: Habitat Garden for the Planet

This client stressed that his main vision with his landscape renovation was to give back to the planet, to contribute something to counterbalance all the destruction humankind has collectively wreaked on the environment.

Midsummer’s beauty! Many sources of native pollen and nectar for essential pollinators.

Naturally, he and Jay got along famously.  With those design goals in mind, the client gave Jay “carte blanche” in the design composition.  Here’s an expert from the Landscape Design Proposal:

Your naturally beautiful native plant scape will be composed to resonate in harmony with the Earth’s elements.

This property had fabulous natural features – mature birches and boulders that we exposed more to highlight.

By harnessing the energy and spirit of place, we will channel and focus natural resources of rain, sun and soil biology to create a carbon net positive ecosystem which will attract and shelter the greatest biotic diversity. This will produce year-round interest and ecosystem services for now and all the days of your life, in dream time, and timeless longevity.

Celebrate the great mystery and acknowledge our kinship with all things.

Something for everyone! Some pollinators are generalists, some are specialists. Variety is key in your pollinator garden!

Scope of Work

The scope of work for this landscape renovation included first, removing the unwanted vegetation by hand. Next, we prepared the soil for stabilization of the slope and to provide the necessary building blocks for a successful organic landscape. 

We love how the tapestry of textures and colors flows over the natural hillside and spills onto the street in a naturalistic style.

Learn more about the scope of work, existing site conditions, and the challenges posed by the slope on our pervious blog: Weeds to Habitat: Front Yard Renovation in Hastings, NY

Sneezeweed! A fabulous native bloomer and pollinator favorite!

Native Pollinator Garden: Plant it and They Will Come

We installed this landscape in late fall and by late spring it was a habitat buzzing with activity.   The client often mentions how his neighbors were inspired by his landscape, learning about native plants how to create pollinator gardens of their own. This street is already creating a network of habitats for precious pollinators – a real life example of Pollinator Pathways Hastings

P)Lanting the other side of the sidewalk incorporates the walkway into the landscape instead of detracting from it.

This is why we do what we do! To create models of ecological landscaping that inspire others and change the narrative of what a “beautiful” front yard looks like!

Jay finds a sphinx month, a native pollinator, in the garden.

So far, in just the first season, the client has reported seeing: Monarch butterflies, Swallowtails, goldfinches, sphinx moths, hummingbird moths and countless native bees. The vivacity of this landscape has inspired the client to practice amateur entomology and ornithology. The landscape has given him new hobbies at home, in a time of isolation and containment. 

We love how the sneezeweed, geranium and daisies compliment the white birch bark!

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Native perennials for pollinators that pair fabulously: white coneflower and sneezeweed.

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