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Homefront Farmers and Riverside Fence Join Forces

Last month we attended an event hosted by Riverside Fence and Homefront Farmers to commemorate their new partnership! The two unique brands will remain, but they are now under the same ownership.

The event was a great success! We saw examples of both brands’ work, and heard about how the plan to work together moving forward.

We love this collaboration – it just makes sense! Veggie gardens require fencing to exclude animals. Homefront farmers have perfected the home vegetable garden design, and Riverside Fence have mastered all kinds of fencing.

If you are not familiar with either of these brands, we encourage you to check them out!

Homefront Farmers designs aesthetically pleasing and functional veggie gardens. They even design cute berry boxes to protect your blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries from hungry birds!

A protected berry box designed and constructed by Homefront Farmers.

We love the simple yet classic design style Homefront Farmers brings, that makes tending your vegetable garden as easy as can be! Learn more about Homefront Farmer’s vegetable garden design and construction here.

An enclosed vegetable garden designed and constructed by Homefront Farmers.

Riverside Fence offers many styles of fencing, from classic picket white to modern cable rails, to pergolas,deer fencing, and everything in between. We recommend Riverside Fence to our clients because of their promptness, professionalism, and communicativeness.

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