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Jay is available for public speaking and environmental education programs. Learn about the benefits of ecological landscape design and organic horticulture.

Fri. March 29, 2024
Mar 29
The Landscaper's Guide Podcast

Green Jay Landscape Design's Approach to Natural Pest Control and Soil Restoration

Lora and Jay Archer sat down with Jack Jostes, CEO of Ramblin Jackson and host of The Landscaper's Guide podcast. They discuss ecological landscaping's foundation in restoration, the benefits of switching to organic horticulture, and the personal rewards that GJLD employees achieve by spending time in nature.
Fri. February 23, 2024
Feb 23
Ecological Landscape Alliance

Westchester Eco-Meet Up

Join us for the Ecological Landscape Alliance first ever in-person Westchester Eco-Meet Up! Michael Hagan, curator of the Native Plant Garden at NYBG will be speaking on native spring ephemerals. Green Jay Landscape Design is sponsoring the event and Jay will give a brief talk with Q&A after Michael. Registration is free but required.
Wed. January 24, 2024
Jan 24
LandsCape Cod 2024 Conference

The EcoBuild Solution: Landscapes for Better Living

Join Jay Archer for his presentation to the Cape Cod Landscape Association. Let us introduce you to the creative, innovative world of permaculture, bioengineering, soil remediation, organic horticulture and native plantscaping. Discover how to work with nature to create sustainable, enduring, living landscapes. Explore ideas, products and services to support your success in this fascinating emerging market. Get ahead of the competition, make a difference, a better life for yourself, your family and the planet.
Tues. June 27, 2023
June 27
Turf Magazine

Sustainable Stormwater Solutions in Home Landscapes

Jay Archer wrote an article on stormwater management strategies for Turf Magazine, featuring three GJLD project case studies. The case studies vary in size, scope and site conditions, and tackle stormwater and erosion with a range of techniques and best management practices.
Tues. Sep 19, 2023 - Wed. Sep 20, 2023
Sep 19

Modern Living: Inside Outdoor Spaces Landscape Architecture Symposium Speaker | Native Plants and Ecological Landscaping: Earth Friendly Design and Resource Management

AutoCamp | Falmouth, MA

Jay joins a host of impressive speakers at this year’s Modern Living symposium celebrating design and exquisite outdoor spaces. Jay will bring his perspective on native plants and environmentally-responsible land stewardship.
Sat. March 25, 2023
MAR 25
Bedford 2030

Bedford 2030 Power of Trees Sponsor

Fox Lane High School

Bedford 2030 hosts a community event celebrating our trees! Learn about their critical ecosystem role, from creating habitat to sequestering greenhouse gases to producing oxygen and absorbing stormwater. Listen to experts in the field, visit the expo center and learn how to protect our greatest environmental asset! Find our booth at the expo!
Sat. March 11, 2023
9:00 AM
MAR 11

Northeast Organic Farming Association Annual Conference Speaker | Ecological Restoration: Healing the Waters, Caring for the Land

Wesleyan University

Jay spoke on the importance of ecological restoration and protecting biodiversity, in the context of our changing climate. He used case studies from Green Jay Landscape Design projects to illustrate how ecological restoration and ecosystem services can be achieved at the residential level.
Wed. March 1, 2023
7:00 AM

Rhode Island Nursery & Landscape Association Annual Conference Speaker | The Shape of Things to Come. Ecological Landscaping: How to Build a Successful Ecological Landscape Design, Build and Maintenance Business

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Warwick, RI

This presentation to an industry trade group focused on how differentiating your business model toward ecological landscape design leads to meaningful work that allows you to stand out in a crowded landscape market.
Sat. February 4, 2023
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Teatown Eaglefest Sponsor

Croton Point Park

Teatown hosted its 19th Annual Eaglefest to celebrate the bald eagle migration with educational booths, live bird spotting, games and more. Green Jay Landscape Design was a sponsor of the event.
Fri. January 27, 2023
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
JAN 27
Aspetuck Land Trust

Aspetuck Land Trust Lunch & Learn Speaker | Healing the Waters, Caring for the Land: How Ecological Landscape Design, Organic Horticulture and Land Stewardship Can Improve our Human Health and Save the Planet.

Jay conducted an online Lunch & Learn presentation for Aspetuck Land Trust Members. He focused on how residential properties can be stewarded to protect biodiversity, soil, and water, and improve our human health and quality of life at the same time.
Fri. January 20, 2023
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
JAN 20

Regional Environmental Educators Day (REED) Speaker | Reading the Landscape, The Shape of Things to Come

Jay joined a contingent of environmental educators sharing their experience in the field. He spoke about the current state of conservation, and how we can do better to actively manage landscapes for ecological restoration, instead of following the traditional “hands off” approach.
Sat. September 17, 2022
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Sep 17

Ecological Landscape Alliance Eco-Tour Garden Host

GJLD hosted Ecological Landscape Alliance (ELA) members for a fall garden tour, designed by Jay Archer. The garden features four zones: 1) the Eco-Hybrid Front Landscape 2) Rewilidng Zone 3) Transitional Zone 4) Disturbed Wetland.
Sun. July 24, 2022
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Sep 17
Bedford 2030

Bedford 2030 Healthy Yards & Pollinator Pathways Garden Tour Garden Host

GJLD hosted a garden tour for a Bedford 2030 Healthy Yards and Westchester Pollinator Pathways combined event that showcased local gardens designed and maintained as organic pollinator habitats.
Mon. May 23, 2022
May 23
The Examiner News

Restoring Biodiversity, One Yard at a Time

A look at the environmental impact of traditional landscaping techniques and their eco-friendly alternatives in a county renowned for its lawns and green space.
Thurs. May 12, 2022
May 12
Conservation Commission

Greenwich Conservation Commission Speaker | A Voice for Nature: Healing the Waters, Caring for the Land Through Landscape Design

Jay spoke on the potential of the individual property owners to impact great positive change on the local environment. Using Green Jay Landscape Design projects as examples, he covered topics including habitat design, erosion control, soil conservation, stormwater management, and invasive species control.
Thurs. March 24, 2022
March 24

Westchester Community College The Native Plant Center Speaker | Impactful Design with Natural Landscaping and Sustainable Stewardship

Jay spoke to The Native Plant Center members about native landscape design, using Green Jay Landscape Design projects as case studies. He shared his favorite native plants for different sites, and techniques for difficult installations.
Mon. November 22, 2021
Nov 22

15 Ways to Manage Excess Stormwater in Your Landscape

Plants need water to survive, but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. Too much water can lead to standing pools, overly wet lawns and garden beds, and even compacted soil that no longer has enough oxygen pores to support plant life. Whether you’re dealing with periodic flooding or a naturally wet microclimate, these ideas will help your natural rainfall be an asset rather than a liability.
Tues. June 15, 2021
June 15
Clearwater Festival

Clearwater Festival Green Living Expo Exhibitor

The Clearwater Festival is an annual summer arts and music festival that began over forty years ago as a fundraiser to clean up the Hudson River. Green Jay Landscape Design joined the Green Living Expo as an exhibitor.
Sun. June 13, 2021
June 13
Bedford 2030

Bedford 2030 Healthy Yards Garden Tour Garden Host

Green Jay Landscape Design hosted a garden tour for Westchester residents, organized by Bedford 2030 Healthy Yards. The landscape was designed by Jay Archer and chosen as an example of ecological landscaping, habitat design, using native plants, and capturing stormwater.
Mon. November 9, 2020
Nov 9

An Interview with Jay Archer from Green Jay Landscape Design

Jay interviews Mark Highland, founder of Organic Mechanics Soil, on his products and process for developing them. Green Jay Landscape Design uses Organic Mechanics compost and biochar products in all our installations!
Sun. September 13, 2020
Sep 13
Bedford 2030

Bedford 2030 Healthy Yards Garden Tour Garden Host

Bedford 2030 Healthy Yards organized a garden tour throughout Westchester County, NY to exhibit native plant landscapes that practice responsible land stewardship. GJLD hosted a tour at a property designed by Jay Archer.
Fri. March 13, 2020
March 13

Connecticut Association of Wetlands Speaker | Landscapes for Better Living

Jay spoke to a group of wetland industry professionals about the intersection of wetland restoration and landscape design.
Wed. January 29, 2020
Jan 29
New York City - City Council

Jay Archer Testifies at NYC City Council in Support of Int. 1524

Jay Archer testified before the New York City City Council in support of Int. 1524, which proposed to ban the herbicide glyphosate from all NYC parks and managed green space. Jay spoke on his thirty years of experience in the landscape industry, and how/why he shifted from traditional land care to organic. The initiative was passed by the city council but not signed by the mayor.