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Much has changed within the landscape industry in recent history.  What began as a fascination with exotic plants and a design style that emphasized control and artificial perfection in the landscape is now seeing a tide change toward natural and organic landscaping.

Learn more about our Ecological Landscape Design  and Organic Maintenance services. 

Groups like the Ecological Landscape Alliance, the Northeast Organic Farming Organic Land Care Program, the Native Plant Center of Westchester, and Bedford 2020 Healthy Yard Program are making great strides in elevating the natural land care industry and spreading valuable information to the public.

What is Natural, Ecological Landscaping?

Much of the public is still unfamiliar with the term ecological landscaping. At Green Jay Landscape Design, we subscribe to the creed of:

  1. Do No Harm – Reject landscape chemicals and practices that harm the environment and local ecology. Natural landscaping is necessarily organic landscaping. (Learn more about why organic landscaping / gardening is the first step towards a safe and healthy landscape.)
  2. Use Landscape Design for Good – Protect precious natural resources and improve the environment by:
    • creating habitat
    • cleaning the air
    • capturing carbon
    • collecting, filtering and reusing storm water
    • preventing erosion
    • building healthy soil microbial communities.

Ecological landscaping looks toward nature for inspiration; hence it is often also referred to as natural landscaping, native landscaping, or environmental landscaping.

Instead of striving for highly manicured landscapes, requiring countless chemicals, endless maintenance practices, and relying on exotic plants that do very little for local wildlife, we turn to our native landscapes for design guidance and creative inspiration.  We seek to replicate these natural landscapes in a residential setting and achieve their same positive impact on local ecology.

At Green Jay Landscape Design, we have designed and installed native organic wildflower meadows, woodland gardens, naturalistic ponds and streams, and sunny pollinator gardens.

A key tenet of natural landscapes is supporting biodiversity – using a range of (mostly) native plants that invite pollinators, birds, and other local wildlife.  Natural landscapes are not sterile but vibrant with life and activity! Learn more about Our Promise as Landscape Ecologists and our commitment to biodiversity.

Examples of our Natural Landscaping Work

Whether you are looking to transform your front yard, back yard, or a specific garden area, our landscaping services can fit your needs! Below are some examples of Green Jay Landscape Design design and construction projects that exemplify natural, environmentally friendly landscaping.

Backyard landscaping: GJL transformed this rear lawn into a woodland wildlife paradise with a constructed waterfall, stream, and fish pond!


This entire property is an example of organic landscaping, with many native plants for pollinators.


A fish pond and organic hillside pollinator garden. Sustainable landscaping in New Canaan!


Native plants and natural landscaping — this design provides habitat for pollinators, birds, fish and other wildlife!
An organic meadow in South Salem, NY featuring native Joe Pye Weed (pink), New York Ironweed (purple), and Goldenrod (yellow) — pollinator favorites!


Are you ready to explore sustainable, natural and organic landscaping? Is supporting local ecology and improving the environment important to you?  Give us a call to discuss your property! 914-560-6570 or submit our consultation form!

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