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Finally, Spring has come to the Northeast! Isn’t it amazing how a simple thing like driving down the road or strolling up your home’s entrance way is an entirely different experience than it was just a month ago? Trees are budding, daffodils are popping up, it feels good again to be outside!

Organic Gardening – Healthy Soil Promotes Life

At this time, our thoughts naturally turn to the yard and garden. We imagine what the garden will look like in another couple months when it’s in full bloom. What does the garden need at this time, in order to grow into its most healthy, spectacular fullness? Instinctively we know that brush and dead wood need to be carefully removed. And, the soil needs attention. Proper feeding helps ensure a beautiful garden.

Choice of Organic Fertilizer Is Key

So, let’s talk about the soil. What kind of attention do we need to give to promote the life-giving quality of the soil in our garden? Before you go down to the garden center and purchase a popular fertilizer, take a moment to consider the impact of your decision.



How we treat the soil on a large scale affects the earth in a big way. For example, California is experiencing a terrible drought and has just one year’s water supply left. Imagine no longer having the amazing array of fruits and vegetables and healthy foods that come from California farms? Other areas of the planet are experiencing similar issues, and desertification of entire regions is on the increase.

Promoting Water Retention – Reversing Earth’s Desertification

What does your choice of fertilizer and care of the soil have to do with huge issues like desertification? Everything! The major decision is whether to continue to go non-organic with chemical fertilizers, or organic. Organic fertilizers like compost and mushroom mulch not only take carbon out of the air, but allow the soil to make better use of the water it does get. This is referred to as “sustainable agriculture”.

On a global scale, sustainable agriculture can sequester carbon and ameliorate climate change/global warming.


Help Support Earth’s Natural Soil Production

Please take some time to watch this beautiful movie, Symphony of the Soil , produced by Deborah Koons Garcia. It’s an official part of the UN International Year of the Soils and is moving people the world over to recognize the precious, fragile nature of our planet’s soil, the wonder of how the earth’s soil is created and how sustaining its life-giving quality through organic gardening and farming can help reverse desertification globally.

4 Great Benefits of Organic Gardening

When you go organic in fertilizing your garden, you do a number of things that support a healthy earth:

  • Your garden itself is more healthy. It needs less water, is less likely to dry out on a hot July day.
  • Every year, the soil in your garden becomes richer and healthier instead of becoming more depleted.
  • When you decide not to use harmful pesticides, you begin to notice the butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects returning to the garden.
  • You show your love for the earth and the soil that gives life to the plants we love and need.



A Call To Action

Please join me this Spring in making a commitment to go organic and only put into the soil that which sustains life and promotes the health of the planet.

Would you like help converting your landscape into a life-sustaining organic landscape?

We’re committed to creating and maintaining beautiful organic landscapes and would be happy to help you with ideas, design and creation.

Jay Archer, President


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