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Our Best Backyard Landscape Designs in Westchester County, NY!

Summer is here and outside is where we want to be! Many of our clients hire us to improve their outdoor living environment – aesthetically, ecologically, and functionally. Whether that translates into a new patio or entertaining area, solving a soggy yard problem, and/or revitalizing the planting, is determined through an on-site consultation and subsequent Landscape Design Master Plan. We’ve rounded up our best backyard landscape designs in Westchester County, NY EVER! We hope it provides inspiration for your own backyard design goals!

Designed Backyard Courtyard | Somers, NY

This charming backyard was naturally enclosed by mature trees, lending the feeling of a walled courtyard. Titled The Cloister of Sweet Serenity, GJL designed a circular flagstone walkway with a secondary gravel path running through it as the new backyard landscape design. This new masonry provides the perfect framework to stroll through the garden and take in its wonder. We also constructed a new flagstone patio off the house –  a favorite spot for morning coffee or entertaining. The plant palette is predominantly native, a mixture of unique foliage and pollinator-favorite perennials. Beginning with spring flowering bulbs, all the way through the last days of fall, this garden will provide sources of pollen, nectar, seeds and berries for pollinators while remaining beautiful and stimulating for the clients. As seen through the windows of the house or from the stroll paths of the garden, this new backyard landscape design is a stunning feature of the property.

In the words of the client:

I am sure that my words will not do justice to the happiness that Jay and his wonderful team have brought me. They transformed a plain yard into the most glorious garden! It is peaceful, serene and my most favorite place for morning coffee. I would never hesitate to use Green Jay Landscape Design, Jay really listens to what you want and then makes the dream a living reality. They are truly marvelous.

European-Inspired Parterre Garden | South Salem, NY

Wild within structure was the inspiration for this backyard landscape design, a European parterre garden turned ecological masterpiece. The clients wanted the formal geometry of a traditional Spanish or French garden coupled with Green Jay Landscape Design’s knack for ecological gardening. The result is a mix of natives and traditional European perennials (that pollinators here still frequent!) that we designed in an asymmetrical planting plan.

Set against the lake backdrop, the colorful blooms and height from the trellis really pop and command the backyard. As always with our designs, plants were chosen for their ecosystem services and resilience in our region. Whether viewed from the upper stone terraces, through the home’s windows, or from the parterre garden itself, this landscape design is truly stunning and unique.

Lawn Terraforming with Terraced Border Garden | Harrison, NY

A common request from clients with young families is create a level area for outdoor play.  In this case, the property had an ample backyard lawn, but the slight slope made playing ball impractical for their children, especially since the property borders a golf course. For this Harrison, NY backyard landscape design, we brought in many yards of engineered soil and graded the lawn area into a level play area.

To support the new grade, we designed a two-tier terrace to line the back border. Planting with a mix of viburnums (an excellent native shrub for wildlife!), ornamental grasses and perennials, the border is now a focal point instead of an eyesore.

The previous border, legacy yews that were  leggy and hid the green golf course while accentuating the asphalt road directly behind the property. The result, after GJL’s installation, creates an intimate and beautiful backyard for play, relaxation, or hosting guests.

Family Friendly Ecological Estate | Rye, NY

This Rye, NY client came to us seeking a complete backyard landscape renovation for a home they had recently moved into.  With a large, young family, the client wanted the backyard to be a destination for his children and their friends, with plenty of amenities and garden secrets to discover for the curious mind.

We started by revamping the pool landscaping, which was filled with tired and traditional landscaping plants. We revtalized it with a pollinator and ornamental grass garden that evokes a casual, naturalistic feel instead of the formal landscaping of previous.

Another favorite feature of the design is the perimeter-encircling woodland stroll path. With an existing border of mature evergreens trees, shrubs, and birches, it was a natural extension to design and woodland path and shrub border. The effect is marvelous! Wandering under birches, through fern glens, around gracefully flowering woodland perennials and commanding hydrangeas, imagination and wonder are ignited.  The client even bought fairy houses and placed them along the woodland path for his daughters. Additionally, a vegetable garden and rain garden provide further learning opportunities about food cultivation, stormwater management and the water cycle.

In the words of the client:

We know whats going on with species dying out and the climate warming. So for me it was about, at least in the small plot of land I have, being able to be part of the solution not part of the problem.

Watch the full client testimonial and project install time lapse here on our Youtube channel.

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