March 6, 2016

Organic Lawn Installation on a New Construction Site – Mamaroneck NY

This is a perfect example of a organic lawn installed from scratch on a new construction site of one acre in Mamaroneck, NY. There are very specific challenges to producing a high quality organic lawn on a residential construction site. The first challenge is to decompact the actual soil surface. During construction heavy machinery and vehicles constantly running over the 

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March 1, 2016

Sustainable Landscape Maintenance; Spring Cleanup, Mowing and Mulching – Westchester County

What do you want from your landscape? If your like me you want your landscape to be beautiful, attractive, healthy, vibrant, healthy and hopefully, Green! How can you get the most out of your existing landscape?…Go Green, Go Organic! Start with a ‘proper’ spring clean-up. That means two things. Pickup sticks and debris but do not vigorously rake your lawn 

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February 15, 2016

Secret Garden of Celestial Happiness – Rye NY

This work in progress features many unique constructions and technologies. We started with eliminating the lawn. Below: BEFORE photo, beginning dethaching process.  This allowed for a predominantly native planting, a water feature was added including a bog and aquatic plants.   Bordering a wetland, we maximized the natural advantages of the property and invited the wildlife in. By substantially increasing 

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