September 21, 2019

Improving Soil Biology in Mature Plantings [VIDEO]

How can we reverse decades of poor landscape practices, like removing leaf litter? GJL’s Organic Plant Health Care Programs include Deep Root Feeding with our mix of microbiology products, molasses, & aeration. Healthy soil microbial populations are essential for breaking down nutrients and making them plant-available. In this symbiotic relationship, the plants strengthen their immune system through a healthy and 

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March 24, 2017

Clean Green Landscaping in Putnam Valley; From Design to Construction and Installation with Native Plants and Natural Stone

You are only as good as your resources allow ! This means skilled workmanship and the best natural materials. In this case we used large quarried fieldstone to create a one of a kind stepping stone staircase with a boulder rail set on rammed earth with a gravel sub-base with native gravel mulch. Storm water management is key to success 

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