October 26, 2017

Fall Observations from a Landscape Ecologist

Fall comes to our landscapes. The leaves gently falling, soft rain, clean and sweet aromas of soil, crisp cool nights and bright clear daylight. Our landscapes recover and regenerate. After the heat and humidity of summer things change. The days shorten, nights cool, rain comes… we hope…! Plants naturally conserve their resources, already planning ahead to the next growing season. 

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September 11, 2017

Landscape Design, Stone Steps and Irregular Fieldstone Flagging ,Walkway Construction, Planting in the Phases of the Moon

Every one of a kind project starts off as an idea concept and like the moth to the butterfly it grows and matures. In this case the design concept was developed over winter and executed in spring. We took advantage of the power of the waning moon to employ the energy of biodynamics in this landscape installation. The result was 

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August 26, 2017

Landscape Renovation

If you want to improve the appearance and hopefully the health of your landscape during the hot days of summer or if you must move and relocate plants because of construction, here are some tips; Water generously before you transplant dig wide and deep to get as much root mass of your plants as possible. Add compost to improve the 

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March 24, 2017

Clean Green Landscaping in Putnam Valley; From Design to Construction and Installation with Native Plants and Natural Stone

You are only as good as your resources allow ! This means skilled workmanship and the best natural materials. In this case we used large quarried fieldstone to create a one of a kind stepping stone staircase with a boulder rail set on rammed earth with a gravel sub-base with native gravel mulch. Storm water management is key to success 

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September 7, 2016

Caring for your Lawn and Landscape Heat and Drought Stress, What to do….

According to the Universities which we rely upon for our horticultural information and recommendations Cornell, Amherst UMass, Yukon, Connecticut, Rutgers, New Jersey, This has been the driest, hottest three month period in over one hundred years! Talk about stress… we have not even seen the beginning of the effect on our plants and landscapes. Even if you have a highly 

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