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Wildlife Habitat Certification at Home in Rye, New York

Our home landscape is a classroom and demonstration garden for our passionate work.

In early morning the pearls of dew collected on this wolf spider web illustrates the value of living with nature, encouraging and accepting kinship with all creatures and the joyful wonder we receive in return.

Careful not to walk through!  Spiders are not only indicator species, they are our primary pest control!

It is amazing to see what each new day brings to the garden, to reward our senses, through the seasons. Each day is unique and holds special treasures if we remain curious and open to the experience.

Check out our previous post about Reducing Your Lawn Area and Boosting Biodiversity, and be sure to look at the NWF’s Certified Wildlife Habitat guidelines.

With so may rainy days over the past two years, our hours wandering the The Secret Garden of Celestial Happiness have been somewhat limited and reduced. We are so busy making the magic happen elsewhere we don’t always have daylight for the mysteries of our own backyard garden masterpiece. It is always there waiting to fulfill our dreams and our need to engage with nature, while we are busy being…A Voice for Nature.

Jay Archer

Landscape Ecologist, Designer, President

Green Jay Landscape Design


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