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Jay Archer

Jay Archer

Landscape Designer, Naturalist, Landscape Ecologist, Environmental Educator

Jay Archer is one of the East Coast’s leading advocates for ecological landscaping, native plants, and organic land care. In addition to creative landscape design, construction, and management, he has lectured extensively at the New York Botanical Garden, the Cary Institute for Ecosystem Studies, the Native Plant Center in Westchester, the Connecticut Association for Wetland Scientists, the Ecological Landscape Alliance, and the Connecticut Nursery and Landscape Association on subjects ranging from rain gardens and stormwater management to wetland and ecological restoration. His firm, Green Jay Landscape Design, works with homeowners, individuals, schools, and communities to improve the landscape environment, while conserving, preserving and protecting our precious natural resources for our children and our children’s children. Jay says, “any given living space can be improved aesthetically, ecologically, and economically by analyzing and examining the existing conditions and then developing a design plan and an action protocol.”

Lora Archer


As a sailor, Lora developed a love of nature in all its manifestations. In a wonderfully mysterious and satisfying journey, she has developed a unique position to contribute her expertise in financial resource management and not-for-profit service to the ever-evolving ecological landscape movement. With boundless curiosity and generosity of heart, Lora unswervingly strives to achieve Green Jay’s ultimate vision and mission to create models of ecologically-sustainable landscape environments.

Kathryn Saphire

Vice President of Landscape Development & Marketing

Kathryn’s creative eye and innate curiosity for the natural world meld intuitively in the field of ecological landscaping. She studied landscape design at the New York Botanical Garden and holds a B.A. in Geography from the University of Denver. She joined GJLD seeking to reverse environmental degradation in a beautiful way, and she continues to be enamored by the intricacies of ecology around us. Kathryn assists GJLD with project management, design renderings, gardening, marketing, and social media. Outside of work, Kathryn enjoys backpacking, climbing, painting, and live music.

Aztlan Cabrera

Aztlan Cabrera

Manager: Landscape Construction & Masonry

Aztlan’s love and natural affinity for working with stone is evident in each one of our uniquely-artistic projects. It takes a rare ability to combine landscape plants with elements of water and stone. His boundless enthusiasm, love of life, and timeless work ethic combine to imbue each landscape with joy. In his free time, Aztlan hones his rare rock and gem collection.

Jermaine Gilleo

Jermaine Gilleo

Project Manager & Plant Health Care Specialist

Jermaine joined Green Jay with a traditional landscaping background and never looked back. He brings years of experience in construction and commercial landscaping, but, more importantly, his attitude toward learning and adopting ecological practices has been invaluable. As a landscape foreman, he has both the leadership and sense of camaraderie to motivate his team in all aspects of landscape installation and maintenance. Jermaine enjoys the process of transforming a property and working through every detail from start to finish. Beyond Green Jay, Jermaine spends time outdoors with his family and tackles his own home landscape projects.

Uziel Crescenzi

Director of Landscape Design Development

Uziel is passionate about ecologically sound placemaking. As an undergraduate he changed his major from architecture to plant science and transferred to the State University of New York College of Agriculture and Technology at Cobleskill. Since graduation, he has interned at the Arnold Arboretum, Wave Hill and The American Gardener, experiences that prompted him to complete the Master of Landscape Architecture program at The City College of New York, Bernard Anne Spitzer School of Architecture. In his spare time Uziel enjoys exploring the outdoors, playing the guitar, and a good BBQ.

Alessandro Casiraghi

Alessandro Casiraghi

Director of Business Management

Sharing the same holistic view of business as ecology, Alex ensures that every gear of the Green Jay organization works together in harmony. He studied public and nonprofit business management at Bocconi University School of Management in Milan and has worked for ten years in both public and private companies. Alex joinedGreen Jay Landscape Design from Italy to make a difference in the local environmental and ecological movement. In his free time, Alex likes pushing his limits and practicing endurance sports. He became an Ironman in September 2018.

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