Residential Sustainable Stewardship

We are pleased to announce a new stewardship offering for large properties (5+ acres) in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.

Beyond typical grounds maintenance, the Residential Sustainable Stewardship Program evaluates each property holistically, seeking to improve ecosystem services, biodiversity, natural resource management, and the overall health and safety of the landscape.

More About Residential Sustainable Stewardship

Participants in Residential Sustainable Stewardship Program receive long-term land management strategies for their estates, based on evaluations of each microclimate. These landscape environments become models for climate resilience, stormwater management, clean air, and incubating essential biology that contributes to our own healthy microbiome.

Residential Sustainable Stewardship begins with an on-site consultation to evaluate the property and discuss goals with the client.

Deliverables may include:

Inventory of ecosystem flora and fauna

  • Presence of keystone and indicator species
  • Tree health and succession
  • Understory diversity
  • Invasive Species

Evaluation of drainage and stormwater management

  • Percolation tests
  • Erosion rates
  • Bioengineering recommendations (rain gardens, bioswales, terraces, erosion control devices)

Native Restoration Plantings

  • Wetland, Pond, Forest, Woodlot, Meadow, etc.

Trail Building

  • Design, Development and Construction

Learn more about the program and our current case studies on our blog

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