Expert Landscape Architecture for Homes in Fairfield County, CT

Landscape architecture combines some of the most crucial aspects of science and art to produce beautiful landscape solutions that not only nourish the senses, but restore biodiversity. At Green Jay Landscape Design, we are dedicated to improving your quality of life by helping you cultivate a gorgeous, regenerative landscape built to your exacting specifications. As a full-service landscape design company serving homeowners throughout Fairfield County, CT, we take pride in bringing vibrant landscapes to life. 

What to Expect from Our Process 

While our building and design processes are straightforward, they never cut corners. After all, we know that beauty is always in the details. Here’s what you can expect when you make us your partner in developing a landscape you adore: 

  • An initial analysis – We will survey the site and take note of details such as sun paths, soil types, water flow, and existing vegetation. During this phase, we also take exacting measurements of the space. 
  • A detailed design proposal – We offer Landscape Design Master Plans that include everything from conceptual drawings to plant palette images and a description of the installation phases. 
  • Expert installation – Finally, we will execute all the necessary preparations, hand-select materials, finalize plant placements, and conduct a custom irrigation install. 


Transform Your Property into an Ecological Masterpiece 

We will oversee every last detail of the landscape architecture process to provide one-of-a-kind results. To learn more about our eco-solutions and services for Fairfield County, CT, contact Green Jay Landscape Design today or schedule a discovery call 

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