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Landscape design is the process of creating a gorgeous and unforgettable outdoor space by combining various elements such as shrubs, trees, grass, plants, and hardscape features such as lighting, walls, walkways, and patios. The goal of landscape design is to enhance the natural beauty of the area, while also creating an ecologically sustainable, functional, and usable space. At Green Jay Landscape Design, we employ professional designers experienced in landscaping design in New Castle, NY. We can help you create a beautiful space that works for your needs and microclimate, so your property is beautiful year-round.

A year-round design not only gives your home instant curb appeal but also offers you a serene space to enjoy at any time. Green Jay knows landscaping provides more than just order and beauty around your home – it provides the joy and comfort that comes with being in the great outdoors.

The Landscape Design Process

Landscape design begins with assessing the site’s existing area, such as the topography, soil, microclimate, and available resources such as water and sunlight.

From there, our landscaping team will work with you to develop a custom landscaping plan that meets your needs and desires and balances them with any limitations or challenges we may run into. This part also allows you to customize the job with any specific shrubs, flowers, or trees you want to be incorporated into your property. After that, you’ll be given a design plan with a detailed site layout showing the placement of plants and hardscape features.

Types of Landscape Design

There are many different styles of landscape design, ranging from traditional formal gardens championed by older homeowners to more naturalistic, wildflower meadows loved by younger generations. Some designs may incorporate elements such as water features, sculptures, or outdoor structures like pergolas or gazebos.

Once your landscape installation is complete, you’ll enjoy many benefits!

Benefits of Professional Landscaping

Green Jay believes a well-designed landscape can do more than bring a smile to your face whenever you’re at home. Well-maintained landscaping can also:

  • Improve curb appeal
  • Increase property value
  • Improve air quality
  • Provide an exciting outdoor space for entertaining
  • Increase privacy
  • Reduce stress
  • Protect our area’s soils and biodiversity

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