Seeking Landscaping Design in Larchmont, NY? Green Jay Landscape Design Is Your New Green-Thumbed Friend!

Landscaping design involves creating an appealing outdoor environment by skillfully blending elements like flowers, plants, trees, shrubs, grass, and hardscape features like walkways, patios, retaining walls, sitting walls, water features, and lighting. The primary objective of landscape design is to enhance the natural beauty of the area, while also creating a functional and practical space. At Green Jay Landscape Design, our team includes professional designers who are experienced in landscape design in Larchmont, New York. Let us assist you in fashioning a stunning and climate-appropriate space that remains enchanting throughout the year.

But really, Green Jay is all about making your yard an extension of your home. Consider your backyard as a bonus area that can serve as a gorgeous entertaining space after we complete the job. You’ll want to brag about the work we do to everyone you know.

Our Process

The initial stages of a custom landscaping design involve a comprehensive evaluation of your site’s characteristics, such as the topography, soil composition, micro climate, and available resources such as water and sunlight.

Next, our skilled designer will work closely with you to develop a customized plan that meets your needs and desires while also addressing any site-specific constraints or challenges. The landscape design plan typically includes a detailed layout of the area, including the arrangement of plants and hardscape features. To provide you with a clearer vision of what it will look like when the landscape installation is complete, our designer will share with you an overall plan to help cement our vision for you.

You want a landscape that makes anyone say, “Wow!” Green Jay knows just what it takes to make any yard sing louder than the others in the area. Our focus is on providing customers with a plan to make their landscape into something truly special.

Types of Landscape Design

In the world of landscape design, a diverse array of styles exist, ranging from classic formal gardens to the untamed allure of wildflower meadows. These landscape designs may incorporate elements such as water features, sculptures, or outdoor structures like pergolas or gazebos.

Whatever you choose in design, Green Jay is devoted to the relentless pursuit of high-quality customer service with an emphasis on our work ethic. We’ll outwork any other landscaper in the area to give you the most beautiful curb appeal on the block.

Benefits of Landscape Design

An intricately planned landscape contributes significantly to boosting property value, enhancing curb appeal, and bestowing homeowners with a serene and delightful outdoor area for homeowners to use and enjoy. Furthermore, it brings added advantages like improved air quality, reduced energy expenses, and heightened privacy. We can’t forget the ecological benefits as well, as a designed landscape can help promote biodiversity and sustainability.


A well-manicured landscape can also instill a sense of pride unmatched by any other home addition. Forget spending money on exterior paint – invest your money on the type of landscape that will make you nod your head and smile.

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Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get an estimate on creating a landscape design you can enjoy year-round. We also offer a scheduled maintenance service to keep your landscape green and healthy. We look forward to working with you.

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