Environmentally Responsible Landscape Design in Putnam

Valley, NY 

At Green Jay Landscape Design, we believe that the beauty of nature lies in its imperfection and how it sustains itself through natural systems. That’s why we specialize in creating sustainable and ecological landscape designs that will inspire you and your loved ones to reconnect with nature right outside your Putnam Valley, New York, home.  

Custom Ecological Landscape Design Services 

Our aim is to create custom landscape designs that are unique and tailored to our clients’ needs. However, all our projects have one common goal: to provide a pesticide-free environment that is safe for people, pets, and wildlife to enjoy. 

We can incorporate a range of elements into your ecological landscape design, such as: 

  • Pollinator pathways 
  • Drainage solutions 
  • Infrastructure 
  • Rain gardens 
  • Soil remediation 
  • Permaculture 
  • Native plants 
  • Bioengineering 
  • Land contouring 
  • Terraforming 
  • Wetland remediation 
  • Invasive species control 
  • Biodiversity support 

We take into account various factors in our landscape design approach, such as site development and land clearing, removal of invasive species, use of natural stone masonry, and organic horticulture. 

Why Choose Us? 

Our landscape design methodology incorporates the following practices in a distinct approach: 

  • We provide end-to-end project management and offer on-site consultations and site analysis to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.  
  • Our team is skilled in both design and construction, and we can make adjustments on-site as needed.  
  • As part of our commitment to sustainable practices, we prioritize the use of low-impact, carbon-neutral technologies whenever possible, and avoid gas-powered tools that harm the environment.  
  • Our ecological landscape designs aim to promote healthy soil microbiology and create a sustainable environment that supports conservation efforts for generations to come. 


Bring the Beauty of a Sustainable Ecosystem to Your Backyard 

Get in touch with Green Jay Landscape Design today to schedule a call where we can discover your landscape design needs and you can know more about the range of services and community service projects we offer in Putnam Valley, NY. 

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