Natural Landscaping Design & Installation Services in Westchester County, NY

Eco-conscious residents of Westchester County, New York, can rely on Green Jay Landscape Design as their guide to a more natural and environmentally friendly property. We are experts at transforming overly manicured landscaping into gorgeous, native oases that create habitat, conserve water, and thrive in local ecologies. Our planet-forward landscaping design and installation services include:

Ecological Landscape Design

The first step toward natural landscaping installation is creating a design that will bring your vision to life. We’ll closely examine your property’s soil, sun exposure, existing vegetation, stormwater flow, and view to allow the land’s unique environmental features guide the design.


If you’re a professional who is tasked with designing green infrastructure or conservation/restoration plans, rely on Green Jay for expert guidance. Our eco-consulting services comprise stormwater management, wetland restoration, invasive species control, erosion control, woodlot management, and environmentally friendly project management.

Landscape Construction

Once we’ve settled on a design that makes the most ecological sense for your property, we’ll schedule the landscaping installation. All work, ranging from site development and planting flora to installing hardscapes and irrigation, is done by our skilled in-house team. Our installers are organic land care professionals who are accredited by the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) and follow carbon-neutral landscaping practices whenever possible.

Residential Sustainable Stewardship

For land management solutions that focus on the natural environment and encourage biodiversity, we offer a residential sustainable stewardship program. This program, available for properties larger than 5 acres, takes a holistic approach to grounds maintenance and promotes long-term landscaping health.

Where Design Meets Ecology

When you choose Green Jay for landscaping installation in Westchester County, NY, you’ll be working with a team of land care professionals who are passionate about doing right by our environment. To learn how we can transform your property into a natural oasis, contact us today.

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