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Jay Archer to Speak at Westchester Native Plant Center ’s Annual Conference

We are delighted to announce an upcoming virtual speaker series featuring our very own founder, Jay Archer! On Monday March 14th, the SUNY Native Plant Center will be hosting its annual 2022 conference, this year titled The New Green Yard: Climate-Wise Practices & Solutions. Jay will be joining an impressive lineup of industry experts to discuss how landscaping and land management can affect real mitigation against climate change.

Registration is due by March 10th and can be completed at $55 for Members, $80 for Non-Members; continuing education credits available.

Speaker Agenda & Bios

First up on the docket at 9 AM is prolific designer, plantsman, and podcast host Tom Christopher. Christopher’s lecture is titled Growing Greener: A Garden Makeover for the Planet. The synopsis is as follows:

Confronting climate change involves governmental and societal initiatives, but to be successful it must also involve millions of actions by individuals. By transforming your relationship to your personal landscape—changing your understanding of design, plant selection, and management—you can make your garden more beautiful, more fun, more alive, and a key part of the climate solution.  

We are big fans of Christopher, especially his book, co-authored with Larry Weaner – Garden Revolution: How Landscapes Can Be a Source of Environmental Change.

Next up is Paul Tukey with his lecture Saving the Earth One Lawn at a Time. Tukey is a nationally renowned sustainable landscaping expert who has helped pioneer and popularize organic lawn care.

He summarizes his presentation this way:

Natural, organic protocols in the landscape can help every homeowner and municipality join the fight against climate change. Learn how to create a beautiful, safe lawn free of harsh chemicals that will require less mowing, less watering, and less fertilizing—while lowering your carbon footprint. Get advice on best grass varieties, soil health, fighting weeds, and sustainable maintenance.

Third to speak is Green Jay Landscape Design President & Founder Jay Archer. Jay’s topic is Impactful Design with Natural Landscaping and Sustainable Stewardship. Jay will use five real-life case studies from GJL’s project repertoire to discuss how residential landscapes can have a positive environmental impact.  From the smallest exurban quarter acre lot renovated into a thriving pollinator habitat, to the steep, erosion-prone lakefront property, opportunities abound to improve our landscape environment and initiate more ecosystem services. From habitat building to stormwater management and carbon sequestration, meaningful change starts at home and can be realized relatively quickly. Join us for a deep dive into some of our favorite project examples.

Finally, Daniel J Mabe will be rounding out the speaker series with his talk on Changing Business as Usual.  According to Mabe:

Cities, towns, and campuses across the country are adopting sustainable landscaping practices, resulting in healthier environments for their residents and workers. Discover how communities such as Larchmont, the first in Westchester, are reducing pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, pesticide use, and noise and increasing native plantings with American Green Zone Alliance-certified sites.  

Mabe is the founder of the American Green Zone Alliance, an organization that offers training, certificate programs and reporting for companies interested in moving away from gas-powered landscape maintenance machines to zero-emission options.

Native Plant Center Conference Registration is Open!

Don’t forget to register for this amazing educational conference! The conference will be conducted virtually, look for a meeting link after you register.  Excited to share and learn with you all in one month!

Contact us to book a speaking opportunity with Jay Archer!

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