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What are the Tangible, Real and Authentic Results from Ecological Landscape Design?

Among the positively powerful emotions and deep feelings we experience as a result of realizing a naturalistic landscape composition are joy, wonder, curiosity and fascination. Exciting and serene, creative artistic landscapes offer visual interest and stimulation while serving many practical ecological services and value, among them are resource conservation, carbon sequestration, wildlife habitat and most importantly probiotic biology necessary for the good health and proper function of our bodies immune system. Quite simply, we need plants to clean the air and water, supply food and medicine as well as provide healthy habitat for humanity. These are the tenets of ecological landscape design, and our r’aison d’etre for starting and running Green Jay Landscape Design.

We need green space to support human life! Important to know, not all green spaces are created equal. Many, if not most, landscapes, parks and schoolyards are unhealthy and biologically and ecologically unproductive environments. If this surprises and shocks you…good ! Collectively, culturally speaking, we are doing a very poor job of nurturing what’s left of the natural world. 

It is important to realize that there really is very little nature left! There are elements and remnants of nature, of the natural world, but very little of the essential elements and resources necessary for life on Earth.

So what do we do about it ?
We design and construct highly productive ecological landscape environments which conserve, preserve and protect what’s left of our precious natural resources for our own human health and the health of the planet. Contact us to start your landscape design project!

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