March 2, 2021

A Voice for Nature w. Marty Laskin [VIDEO TESTIMONIAL] | Hastings, NY

Martin’s landscape won our Top Designs of 2020 and it’s no secret why. With a client that wanted “more than a pretty yard,” and an ecological landscape that “is his legacy in life,” GJL had full reign to design a vibrant, organic front yard habitat garden. Watch the full video testimonial interview below! Learn more about Marty’s landscape on our 

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October 9, 2019

A Voice For Nature: Dan Epstein in Rye, NY [VIDEO INTERVIEW + TIMELAPSE]

We love clients like Dan — those who care enough to know about mycorrhizal networks, microbiomes, and species fragmentation.  From day one during the consultation, just by his vocabulary,  we we knew Dan would be a super star client that deserved an ecological landscape masterpiece.  This was one of our largest and most special transformations of the 2019 season! Dan and 

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