February 8, 2016

The Joy of Living Landscapes, Alive in Rye NY

What is spring without green, without color, without flowers….What is a home without a garden? All we need to remind us what life is like without attractive, stimulating artistic landscaping is to look around the neighborhood at all the brand new construction without any green. Everyone and everything benefits from a little touch of nature ! Trees, birds, butterflies, even 

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May 29, 2015

Container Gardening Ideas – White Plains NY

“The Market Garden On the Deck” is a wonderful way to increase your enjoyment of nature and edible plants. Supplement your diet with organically grown vegetables and herbs. You’ll need to provide regular watering, pruning and feeding, but in all, this container garden is simplicity and beauty at its best. Altogether this space accommodates our barbeque, a small café table, 

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