September 7, 2016

How do you Create a Level Backyard? Terracing, Rip, Rap Retaining Walls and More!

We are very often posed with the challenge of creating a level, usable space where there is a slope, depression or uneven grade. There are many creative solutions available to us as designers. The first question is how great a slope or issue is presented. Is this area regulated by wetlands, building codes etc.? Is it steep enough to be 

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October 10, 2013

Landscaping a Slope – Turning a Grading and Drainage Problem into an Erosion Proof Composition – Westchester County

Professional landscape design is both a scientific and artistic endeavor. I find this process of developing a vision for a property, site or client exhilarating! What can be more exciting than looking at an ugly, non-functional landscape environment and creating a plan to make it better both visually as well as physically. In the design chair we consider how the 

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