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Green Landscaping is the future and the future is here and now!

We at Green Jay Landscape Design embrace science and technology while rejecting the notion that our landscape/garden management and horticultural practices require toxic chemical compounds in order to produce the best appearance and performance. The concept of killing to control pest and disease organisms is outdated and unsound. The primary reason and motivation to discontinue the use of toxic pesticides in our environment is that they do not work. By killing so called pests and weeds, we necessarily select other organisms to succeed. Unfortunately the dominant species which shows up next is often harmful and a greater threat to the environment. This has occurred over and over again, usually with one threatening pest species being replaced by a more resistant species or strain.

Let’s put own health above the needs of plants in the landscape!

We at Green Jay Landscape Design believe in fostering an environment where all beneficial life flourishes. By creating a healthy, toxin-free environment we strive to achieve balance in our landscape. Instead of focusing on killing and eliminating what is undesirable, our focus is on encouraging naturally beautiful plants and animals to inhabit the world of our outdoor spaces. If we invite and encourage a diversity of birdlife we are less likely to experience and be exposed to unhealthy tick and mosquito populations. Similarly, by creating habitat-friendly gardens and landscapes we will find we have a greater interest and desire in being outdoors. Improving the air circulation improves the air quality thereby improving our own human respiratory process and health. Removing plants that cause stagnation around the foundation of the home is one suggestion. Draining areas where stagnant water pools, maybe with a rain garden, is another. There are so many beautiful, attractive ways to improve the health and appearance of a home or properties appearance by making positive changes. Planting or removing trees to increase light or shade as needed or desired is a consideration.

The key to success with organics in terms of establishing and maintaining a naturally sustainable landscape begins with the soil. Determining a base-line of soil conditions, as well as the quality of light and air is critical to developing and executing a landscape design or maintenance/management plan. In order to do that you need soil testing and a proper professional site analysis. Real information of the highest value does not come without a cost or price tag. In my opinion, if a landscape contractor offers this kind of service for free, I can’t imagine that there could be a high value attached to the results. An incomplete test or analysis could lead to erroneous conclusions and poor design and/or planning. This is the first step to costly mistakes in construction or management of a project.

For soil testing, see Soil Foodweb Labs or Cornell Cooperative Extension.

Consider as well the infrastructure. Do you have a crawl space or attic? What is down there or up there? Do you have water, dampness or drains in the basement? How does that affect your air quality? These are quality of life issues. Does anyone in your family have health issues? Start with considering how to improve the quality of your living environment for your health and well being. You can have a beautiful healthy home and landscape if you follow the simple principals and practices of ‘Landscapes for Better Living’. Think and Live Green… it’s natures way.

Our passion is to help you live a healthy, happy life by beautifying your home and landscape.

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