Certified Wildlife Habitat

Larchmont, NY

Green Jay Landscape Design created a phased Landscape Development Master Plan to incorporate more designed habitat.

We designed and constructed a natural swimming pond and waterfall, purified by an adjacent bog garden (that’s right, no chlorine!).

A mixed border garden for pollinators frames the rear yard. In the front yard, the lawn was removed and replaced with a layered shade planting.



  • Front lawn removal & replacement with shrubs, perennials, and groundcover
  • Natural swimming pond provides drinking and bathing area for wildlife
  • Border gardens designed for sequential food sources for pollinators, birds
  • Certified Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Fund

In the words of the client:

This a truly “green” company, with intelligence and experience to create a spectacular landscape in an environmentally responsible way. Jay is an innovator and a creative genius who transformed our property into a haven of beauty, color and tranquility which is also a home for birds and pollinators like we have never experienced before.”

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