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GJL’s Best Landscape Designs Fairfield County, CT!

Fairfield County, Connecticut is a beautiful place for landscape design. With the natural landscape ranging from mature forests to coastal wetlands, there is much inspiration to draw from, not to mention incredible ecological value worth protecting! Jay Archer has worked as a landscape designer in Fairfield County for over thirty years .

Native Echinacea (Coneflower) is a superstar plant for pollinators, is low maintenance, and looks amazing with Daisy and Blackeyed Susan.

We’ve compiled our favorite Connecticut landscape design & construction projects. Contact us about your project: 914-560-6570.

Green Jay Landscape Design’s Top Landscape Designs in Fairfield County, CT

Naturalistic pollinator gardens soften the clean modern lines of the pool area and patio.

#1: Modern Pool Landscaping: Natural Stone Masonry, Habitat Gardens & Wetland Mitigation | Greenwich, CT

We loved designing the landscape for this newly constructed modern farmhouse style home. We chose a contemporary patio design: an array of bluestone rectangles with grass joints. The poolside garden is a magnificent pollinator perennial garden featuring northeast natives.

Read more about this landscape design project in Fairfield County on our previous blogs: Pool Landscaping & Modern Design & Build.

Rectilinear flagstone patio with grass joints for a modern hardscape design in Greenwich, CT.

GJL also planted the front entrance garden and front landscape garden that creates a frame around the organic front lawn.

The front entrance walkway makes a statement with its modern design, while perennials soften and provide much-need color and nectar.

#2 Front Yard Pollinator Garden Lawn Replacement | Stamford, CT

A symphony of color where once was a monotonous green lawn.

Bravo to another client who realized the futility of their front lawn! We had so much fun removing this front lawn and replacing it with a pollinator garden featuring native perennials, shrubs and grasses!

This front yard now creates habitat for innumerable pollinators and birds — a true Certified Wildlife Habitat.

Check out the entire project on our previous blog Front Yard Pollinator Garden in Fairfield County, and in our Portfolio Gallery!

Watch the video below — a compilation of pollinator footage filmed by our client, all in this small front yard!

Colorful native perennials create a dynamic home for pollinators.

#3 Hillside Gardens, Stream Construction & Pool Landscaping | New Canaan

Perennials help stabilize this steep slope, and provide critical habitat for butterflies, bees and birds.

This property is in its second year of phased landscape design. We were originally hired to construct a naturalistic stream leading to an existing koi pond, and to plant the hillside next to it with a pollinator habitat garden.

Naturalistic constructed stream / waterfall adds circulation and aeration to the koi pond.
Fieldstone steps add to the rustic design and integrate seamlessly with the hillside garden.

In the second year, we updated the pool-side garden to be more ecologically-friendly (it mostly consisted of annuals before). We also weeded and planted the rear steep slope with soil stabilizing natives that are a continuation of the pollinator habitat from the stream side garden.

Ferns and perennials makeup this lush poolside garden.
Rustic gardens around the pool befit this bucolic farmhouse estate in New Canaan, CT

Follow the progression at this Fairfield County, CT property on our previous blogs from year one and year two, as well as our Portfolio gallery.

#4 Rooftop Terrace Container Gardens for Pollinators | Stamford, CT

Pollinator-attracting container garden brightens up this fifth story terrace.

You don’t need a yard to have impact! We designed this terrace garden in Stamford for seasonal impact and ecological value: annuals and perennials that attract pollinators and birds even from five stories up! We typically spruce up a few containers twice a year for spring/summer and fall/winter. The others contain strong year-round architectural elements– evergreens or ornamental grasses.

Juniper and trailing Creeping Jenny add height and depth to the garden.
Ornamental grasses and birches were part of an earlier iteration of the terrace design.

Learn more about the project on our previous blog: Rooftop Landscape Design & Installation w Native Plants.

#5 Certified Wildlife Habitat Bird Sanctuary | Landscape Design in Fairfield County

Learn more about the project on our previous blogs: Designing a Bird Sanctuary Part One & Part Two.

Our passion is all aspects of landscape design in Fairfield county, from full-scale property designs to in-house construction, installation and organic maintenance.

Contact us about your project: 914-560-6570.

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