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Green Jay Landscape Design Recommended Home Contractors & Consultants | Westchester, Putnam & Fairfield County

Throughout our years as a landscape design and build business, we’ve had the opportunity to partner with professionals in every aspect of the home improvement industry. Below is a list of our favorite home improvement contractors and consultants based in Fairfield County, CT and Westchester County, NY. We have worked with all of these companies and can vouch for their excellence of service.


Trillium Architects – We have worked with the team at Trillium Architects on several home renovation projects for our clients, including additions and deck expansions. Trillium Architects have impeccable design sense, and it has been a breeze to communicate with them and coordinate installations.


Bryan Hildebrand – We worked with Bryan on a project with a steep slope approaching a lake.  It required an erosion control plan, that we outsourced to Bryan Hildebrand. Submitting and executing Bryan’s erosion control plan enabled us to obtain a waiver for the wetland permit, a trajectory that kept the project on schedule and on-budget. Read more about that erosion control project on Lake Peekskill here.

David Lombardo, JMC – GJL worked with David Lombardo and the JMC team extensively on a freshwater dam project in South Salem, NY. The project required extensive permitting from the NY DEC. Read more about the project here.  David and his team are incredibly professional, smart people.


Bill Davies, Westchester Tree Life – Bill Davies is the best arborist in the industry! His expertise at evaluating tree health and advising the next steps for pruning or removal are second to none. For any mature tree questions, call Bill at Westchester Tree Life.

Plant Health Care

CompostWerks – CompostWerks is a premier local provider of organic plant health care for trees and shrubs. We have used their products with great success for years!

Electric Lawn Mowing

Jeff Cordulack, Organic Ways & Means – Electric autonomous mowing is really taking off! You can have a zero-emission lawn through Jeff’s autonomous, daily mowing. Since the mowers run daily and only trim a bit of lawn, the clippings drop and return nutrients into the soil naturally. Learn more on the Organic Ways & Means website.


Salem Fence ­– Salem Fence is a team of professional, responsive, and timely craftsmen and they are our top provider for fence installation in Putnam & Westchester County, NY (they are based in Mahopac, NY). Coordinating our installations with them has been seamless. For examples of their work on our design projects, view our previous blogs:

Terraced, Erosion-Proof Landscape in Lake Peekskill, NY

Summer Pool Landscape with Native Plants in Mamaroneck, NY

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