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Introducing Our Latest Partners for 2021: Compost Werks, Sweet Clover Designs, & Homefront Farmers

They say it takes a village to raise a child.  The same is true for impacting community-wide responsible land stewardship!  That’s why we are proud to announce our latest partners in ecological landscaping. This 2021 season we will be collaborating with local experts in organic plant health care, organic garden maintenance and vegetable garden installations.  Learn about our new partners below!

Compost Werks

We’ve been proponents of Compost Werks products from the beginning.  Their Instant Compost Tea is an amazing way to naturally boost the diversity of soil microbes in your garden.  Soil microbes are KEY to making nutrients available in your organic garden.

A range of organic gardening products by Compost Werks.

Learn more about cultivating healthy soil microbial communities on our pervious blog. Our friends at Compost Werk will be performing Organic Plant Health Care for all of Green Jay’s holistic maintenance clients.

An autonomous lawn mower by Rolling Lawns.

Compost Werks has all partnered with Rolling Lawns to deploy their robotic, autonomous lawn mowers. Yes you read that right! These mowers stay on-site and mulch-mow your lawn every day. It doesn’t get much easier than that!  We could not be more thrilled about this partnership! 

A garden designed and maintained by Sweet Clover Designs.

Sweet Clover Designs

Max Apton of Sweet Clover Designs has a rich background in responsible land stewardship.  He worked for years as the Vegetable Field Manager at the famous Stone Barn’s Center for Food & Agriculture and studied landscape design at NYBG.

Max Upton of Sweet Clover Designs

His new firm, Sweet Clover Designs, will be assisting with Ecological Garden Maintenance at Green Jay. We are excited to work with Max and his team! 

A vegetable garden designed, installed & maintained by Homefront Farmers.

Homefront Farmers 

We have long admired Homefront Farmers’ work: beautiful and tidy organic vegetable gardens of any scale.  They design, install and maintain veggie gardens that are completely customizable and catered to what you want to grow and eat! It’s never been easier to eat healthy and sustainably. We are overjoyed to announce our partnership with Homefront Farmers for all future vegetable garden projects. They are simply the best in the business! 

Photo by Environmental Irrigation Systems.

Environmental Irrigation Systems

In 2021, we are continuing to work with Tom Zahn of Environmental Irrigation Systems for all of our irrigation needs. Tom is a master in drip irrigation systems that are organized into customized zones based on each garden’s moisture requirements. Smart irrigation systems allow the irrigation to adapt based on current weather conditions to minimize water waste during storm events and increase irrigation during drought periods.

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