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Landscape Design – Constructing a Secret Tai Chi Meditation Garden – Westchester County

Increasing Enjoyment and Appreciation for the Environment

This next landscape challenge in Westchester County involved producing a master-plan for the entire residential home/property (front, side and rear). The process of developing the plan based on information and observations acquired by site analysis led to this landscape construction project. It completely satisfied the clients tastes and sensibilities by enhancing their lifestyle with an increased enjoyment and appreciation of the outdoor environment.

In addition to expanding the swimming pool patio/summer recreation area within the fenced area, we constructed planting beds as well as walkways connecting the different garden rooms and spaces. This contributed to a better flow and increased everyday use. Good landscape development, especially paying attention to the concepts of sustainability and green development, requires allowing for time, energy and resources to be dedicated to accomplishing the goal.


A Secret Tai Chi Garden Awaiting Discovery

The existing landscape was very attractive, yet it had some drainage and soil issues. It simply did not sing! Increased curb appeal was realized by establishing perennial flower beds with continuous blooms along the circular driveway. Spring flowering trees were added to the front landscape, further adding to the dramatic effect while giving a layered, mature look to the front yard landscape.

One of the most interesting design features is an enclosed meditation garden. Called the Tai Chi Garden, this awesome, very cool space is defined and highlighted by mulched/wood chipped paths in the shape of the Yin and Yang symbol.

The paths snake through the garden with quiet sitting areas evoking a Japanese cup garden. The raised beds and berms/terraforms create a sense of mystery with a soothing planting of ferns, ground covers and flowering shrubs. This hidden garden is a special treasure which can only be discovered by a deliberate journey through a gated arbor with decorative fence. The overall composition is stunning, yet understated. This is truly an example of a landscape for all seasons and for all generations of the family to enjoy.

It’s never too early to consider planning and developing a landscape plan for your front or backyard. Make a wish list! Start the journey to the landscape of your dreams and desires today!

Jay Archer, President


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