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Storm Water Management and Wetland Restoration

Whether you are along the Hudson River from Hastings to Peekskill or along the sound from New Rochelle NY to Greenwich Connecticut your are affected by storm water and wetlands. How we manage rainfall and our fresh water resources is critical to the physical, ecological and economic well being of our communities.
Nothing cleans water better than native wetland plants ! Although we are challenged by climate shift, invasive species, overdevelopment, removal of habitat etc. there is much we can do to improve the health of the landscape environment.
Starting at home we can reduce runoff by more and better landscape planting. Using site appropriate plants according to their water requirements is the key to successful resource management.
Example of better landscape planting are no mow zones, rain gardens stream bank planting, tree groves, fern glades and many more naturalistic, highly productive and attractive landscapes.
Determine where your storm water goes first ! Look at the patterns in the rain. Track the ‘ flow paths’. Does rainwater go into a pipe or a stream. Ask yourself how can I improve the water quality by redirecting or using plants to absorb and or infiltrate to the ground water, Recharge ! Stop contamination and runoff ! Be creative with the possibilities for creating new more attractive and functioning landscapes.
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