November 28, 2020

The Hidden Cost of Concrete and Cement (Pt 1)

We see concrete everywhere. It’s ubiquitous in buildings, highways, infrastructure, sidewalks, homes, patios, and walkways. It’s cheap, strong and relatively predictable, but for too long we’ve collectively overlooked the cost of concrete: the human health impacts, the immense greenhouse gas emissions from its production, and the environmental consequences of our impermeable concrete world.  Emissions Associated with Concrete Production Concrete is 

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April 14, 2020

Natural Landscape Design & Sustainable Hardscaping | White Plains, New York

The challenge was to create an attractive contemporary landscape with the flavor of a Early American, post Thomas Jefferson era landscape for the United Methodist Center in White Plains, New York. Early American landscapes necessarily shared features consistent with permaculture and ecological landscape design. This was a time when pesticides and man-made contaminants were not an issue. There was regular 

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March 11, 2016

Storm Water and Drainage Systems – Bronxville & Larchmont NY

Managing storm water in our landscapes is critical to sustainability. There are many ways to manage rainwater in our landscape. 1. We designed and constructed this gravel courtyard (Bronxville, NY) with an active water feature (a recirculating stone bubbler/fountain) as a focal point of this very natural landscape design utilizing existing stone repurposed to create a patterned walkway and patio/surround 

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