January 30, 2020

Jay Archer Testifies on Behalf of Int.1524 Banning Pesticides in NYC Parks

Yesterday was a historic day for New York City! The city council held a public hearing for Int.1524-2019, a bill to ban Glyphosate on New York City parks or any land owned or leased by the city, sponsored by council members Ben Kallos and Carlina Rivera. It was introduced on April 18, 2019, not long after two separate juries attributed the 

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May 6, 2019

The Truth About Pollinator Pathways and Organics

There has been incredible support lately for Pollinator Pathways (see our previous post on the efforts in Westchester and Fairfield counties).  Simultaneously, the ecological landscaping and native plant movements have taken off in laudable efforts to improve our landscapes aesthetically and ecologically. What is often not discussed, however, is the pinnacle importance of organics. Selecting native plants for a Pollinator Pathway gardens is a 

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March 26, 2019

Uniting the Buzz: the Case for Pollinator Pathways in Westchester County & Fairfield County

Just one week into spring and there is already a noticeable buzz in our communities about an exciting initiative: creating Pollinator Pathways through Fairfield and Westchester counties. Many thanks to the organizers in each town who put together a staggering number of informative events across many towns (see the upcoming events calendar!!). As an ecological landscape service, we thoroughly applaud and support this effort. 

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March 4, 2019

How Important are Trees to our Landscapes, Property Values and Human Health?

Imagine a world without our beautiful trees! One of the huge natural advantages of living in Westchester or Fairfield counties is the tree dominant landscape. Our communities are not only rich in green spaces with forest matrix and secondary remnant forests but an abundance and variety of street trees. Our landscaped properties have an even more diverse collection of flowering and 

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February 25, 2019

Confronting Climate Change

Will increased rainfall, more frequent and severe storms wash our sins away? Mother nature has a way, a process for correcting and restoring the natural balance of resources in our landscape environment. Consider the positive aspects of stormwater including flooding: recharging groundwater, hydrating and nourishing trees and plants, flushing contaminates such as gas, oil, pesticide residue, particulate deposits etc. from ground 

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