Lakefront Pollinator Parterre

South Salem, NY

What a fun and different framework for us! These clients came to us with existing stone terraces and garden beds in a traditional European parterre layout (designed by Louis Fusco).

GJLD was hired to design the planting, deploying our naturalistic perspective and penchant for creating habitat for pollinators.

The result is a charming, cottage-style garden that mixes pollinator-favorite natives with more traditional European selections.

The asymmetrical plantings are complimentary and soften the rigidity of the parterre framework.



  • Succession of bloom, from early spring to late fall
  • Mixed native and European perennial planting
  • Vegetated bioswale to direct stormwater

In the words of the client:

“Green Jay took our dream and created a reality so stunning we (and our neighbors and casual walkers-by) are in heaven. Blossoming times and colors seem to have been perfectly executed so that there is interest in all seasons. Bumblebees, butterflies, and hummingbirds abound. We absolutely couldn’t be happier!”

Lakefront Pollinator Parterre – Master Design Plan
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