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Pollinator Pathways Approved Landscape Designs | Rye, NY

We are BIG fans of the grassroots organization Pollinator Pathways – a nonprofit promoting pollinator-friendly, organic land stewardship, in a coordinated effort across geographic regions, to create a network of essential habitats.  We are also beyond amazed at how quickly this organization is gaining traction and spreading the word. What started as a localized in Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, CT has spread to include much of Connecticut and New York, as well as MassachusettsNew JerseyPennsylvaniaRhode Island and Oregon! We’ve designed many pollinator gardens along this Pollinator Pathway, including many in our homebase of Rye, NY.  Below we’ve compiled our Rye Pollinator Pathways projects, we hope it inspires and motivates you to do the same on your property! 

Healthy Yard Tour at the Secret Garden of Celestial Happiness

Last summer, GJL hosted Bedford 2030’s Healthy Yard Tour at Jay’s home in Rye, NY.  This masterpiece garden is a Certified Wildlife Habitat and part of Rye’s Pollinator Pathways. See photos from the tour here.

Photo of Jay’s front yard pollinator garden in late summer. Rye, NY.

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Outdoor Classroom: Designing Pollinator Pathways in Rye, NY

This Landscape Design Master Plan was our Top Landscape Design of 2019. The client was a garden enthusiast with a large family.  He wanted to create a space for his children to be with nature, to notice and appreciate its intricacies.  We designed several native plant pollinator gardens across different site conditions: the sunny poolside pollinator garden; the native woodland walk pollinator garden; the practical rain garden that attracts pollinator and birds. This property boasts immense habitat value and most certainly qualifies for Pollinator Pathways Rye.

Learn more about the project: Designing an Ecological Playscape in Rye, NY

Full Sun Pollinator Border Garden 

Right on the border of Harrison and Rye, NY this stunning property involved landscape grading, an organic lawn installation, and adding a number of new native plant gardens. Pictured is the terraced border garden composed of native shrubs, ornamental grasses and long-blooming, pollinator-attracting perennials for full sun.  

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Pollinator Pathways Recommended Reading 

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