Native Pool Landscaping

Pound Ridge, NY

This property had fabulous “bones” – a network of natural stone pathways leading down the slope to the pool. The landscape, however, was overgrown, tired and traditional.

We removed most of the existing vegetation – transplanting some to create a grass garden in the rear yard.

The pool area received a total renovation with an emphasis on pollinator-attracting perennials, native ornamental grasses, and flowering and fruiting shrubs for wildlife.

We created new beds in the front courtyard to amplify the drama and color for the front entrance.



  • Courtyard garden renovated for more perennial color
  • Vegetable garden re-designed in quadrants, with perennial border
  • Emphasis on native, long-blooming perennials
  • Landscape Design Master Plan

We knew we wanted to highlight the gorgeous existing stonework in the pool area, so we chose low-growing ornamental grasses and complimentary native perennials.

  1. Native perennial planting blooms for weeks on end in summer.
  2. Ornamental grasses mixed with pollinator favorite shrubs and perennials.
  3. A prairie-style planting softens the hardscape walkways.
  4. In the front entry courtyard, coordinated Coneflowers standout against the fence.
  5. Newly planted perennial border lines the walkway to the pool.
  6. Courtyard pollinator border garden featuring Beebalm (Monarda).
  7. A redesigned vegetable garden with gravel paths for easier maintenance.
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